Advanced Planning – Preneed Funeral Plans

Good Reasons to Plan Preneed Funerals:

While you may have put directives in your will or a safe deposit box, often these are not opened or read until after a funeral. By pre-planning your funeral you can ensure that your wishes are known at the time when they are needed most. You can sit down with us and discuss your preferences in an unhurried, relaxed setting at your own pace.

We all want to protect our family from unnecessary emotional hardship. Pre-planning helps you to protect your loved ones from the stress of making difficult funeral and financial decisions at the time of emotional upheaval. Pre-planning eliminates emotional overspending by removing the guesswork out of knowing what you would have wanted for your funeral.

If you received a call today that a loved one had died, would you know exactly what funeral arrangements that person would have chosen? Probably not. But what if you could sit down with us today and tell us about your funeral preferences in a relaxed setting where we will listen to your wishes and document every detail in writing.

We will then show you how easy it is to “freeze” these costs by pre-funding your funeral arrangements with a payment schedule to fit your monthly budget.

Pre-planning freezes today’s costs for a funeral that may not be needed for decades into the future. When you pre-fund a preneed funeral, you stop all inflationary pressures from impacting the cost of your funeral. We will use a written agreement that guarantees that there will be no hidden or additional costs associated with your funeral arrangements thus giving you and your family tremendous peace-of-mind.

Additionally, our prepaid funeral plans are completely portable in the event you move away from Middlesboro and wish your funeral to be conducted in another city within the United States.

Once we have documented the details pertaining to your funeral, we will show you just how easy it is to pay for your preneed funeral. With preneed funerals, you accomplish the following:

  • You spare your family of having to pay for your funeral during a very difficult and emotional time.
  • You pay the present cost for a funeral that will not be needed for many years to come thus eliminating the effects of inflation on your funeral.
  • You are able to calmly express your funeral wishes thus removing any guess-work on the part of your survivors.

Further, you do not need to pay for your preneed funeral in one payment. You may choose to pay for your funeral over a 3, 5, 7 or 10 year period. With these payment options, we can tailor a plan that fits your monthly budget.

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