Creech Funeral Home Wins 2013 Community Service Award

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Creech Funeral Home Presented its 2013 “Community Service Award” to the Christian Cooperative Ministry (CCM)

Creech Funeral Home chose CCM as its first recipient of the inaugural Community Service Award because of the positive impact the non-profit has on the community and its most needy residents. CCM provides essential services, such as food, clothing and shelter, to people in need and works closely with local churches and other organizations. As part of the award in 2013, Creech Funeral Home (CFH) hosted a fundraiser for the organization at the Middlesboro Community Center. The event was free to the public and patrons were encouraged to make a donation to CCM to help fund their ongoing community aid. Everyone who made a donation was awarded with a raffle ticket. Prizes included an HDTV and several gift cards to local stores including Food Lion and Wal-Mart. The event raised a total of $1,229 that was donated to CCM, which included a contribution by Creech Funeral Home of $1,000 for CCM and to host the event.

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