Creech Funeral Home to Take Part in “52 Weeks of Giving”

In business for more than 80 years, Creech Funeral Home prides itself on creating funeral ceremonies as unique as life itself. We believe that caring for families isn’t something that stops when the funeral is over. To that end, we participate in a variety of volunteer activities throughout the area and the surrounding communities. Recently, Creech entered into a brand-new partnership with an incredible group known as 52 Weeks of Giving.Sherri-brock-creech-funeral-home

A Unique Opportunity for Giving

A Middlesboro-based institution, 52 Weeks of Giving has been serving individuals and communities throughout Appalachia for more than five years. Believing that the region’s young people benefit from the opportunity to help others rather than just being the recipients of help, 52 Weeks connects local youths with weekly volunteer opportunities. By aiding members of their communities, kids and teens learn that resources exist regardless of one’s station in life and that any one person can make a difference.52-weeks-of-giving

In an effort to help individuals and families right here at home, Creech is working with 52 Weeks of Giving to create a unique program designed to console those who have suffered a recent loss. Each month, the funeral home will select two deserving families who have lost loved ones. Youth from 52 Weeks will then write letters to the families on CFH stationary cards, which will be delivered on a monthly basis. The goal is to provide comfort to friends and loved ones while reassuring them that they aren’t alone in their grief.

Interested in donating to 52 Weeks of Giving? Contact Creech for more information about supporting this worthy cause. You can also inquire about sending a gift basket or other special item to help ease families’ burdens at this most difficult time.

A top tristate funeral home, Creech is available 24/7 to help families create meaningful memorials for their loved ones. Additionally, our team of experts offers advanced planning services to let individuals choose how they want to be remembered while taking the burden off those left behind. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our caring team, call today or contact Creech online. You can rest assured knowing we will be there for all your funeral planning needs and concerns.