Creech Funeral Home’s Cremation and Funeral Services

Having served the entire Tri-State Area for more than 80 years, the Creech Funeral Home staff understands that funeral planning is a highly personal matter affected by a variety of factors including personal desires, economic considerations, and religious beliefs. At Creech Funeral Home, we strive to educate and inform the families that we serve about their funeral planning options including both burial and cremation. Our goal is to help each family that we serve feel comfortable making end-of-life decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Cremation Offers Options for Families

Many clients assume that opting for cremation instead of burial requires them to sacrifice the traditional wake and funeral service. On the contrary, Creech families have the option of scheduling a viewing and/or a funeral service prior to cremation. Doing this provides the family and friends with a valuable opportunity to say a final goodbye to loved ones. After the funeral, you can opt to scatter your loved one’s ashes or inter them in a grave or family plot. We also offer an array of tasteful decorative urns or keepsake jewelry, all of which may be personalized to your individual tastes, to help you memorialize loved ones who have passed on.

Once you have chosen cremation, what happens next? 

Once a family has chosen the cremation option that suits their need, one of Creech Funeral Home’s Licensed Funeral Service Professionals will immediately start securing all of necessary government documentation that is required by law before the cremation process can be started. Once all crematory and government required documents have been completed, the cremation process may be completed. A member of the Creech Funeral Home staff will personally present your loved to our trusted cremation partner of 37 years for the cremation process. Our staff member stays for the entire cremation process and once that is completed, receives your loved one’s remains back into their care. This entire process is always completed on the same day, thus insuring that your loved one never leaves our care or control.

Contact Creech Funeral Home for Cremation and Funeral Services

When conducting a funeral home search, it’s important to find a provider who can offer everything your family needs to memorialize a lost loved one. At Creech Funeral Home, we are passionate about helping our families create the most meaningful funeral services that respect personal and religious beliefs as well as budgetary constraints. For more information about Creech Funeral Home’s cremation and burial services, you can contact one of our funeral service professionals at 606-248-4700 or you may use our online contact option on our webpage at