Why Preplanning a Funeral is Important For You

Creech Funeral Home prides itself on compassionate care for families in need, and creating funeral services with dignity and empathy to honor the deceased. A funeral service should be a celebration of life, leaving behind the fond memories of the departed.

At Creech Funeral Home we can help ensure that your family members will be able to leave their legacy, and that the logistics surrounding the funeral will be as efficient and comfortable for you as possible.

Oftentimes financial concerns are a heavy burden on families,  our goal is to take away some of the stress and confusion and to shed some light on how we can help.

We work closely with families to understand your needs

Pre-need life insurance can be a beneficial solution for families. Creech Funeral Home has a supportive team dedicated solely for pre-need questions, concerns and arrangements. The team leader, Jason Creech, is available day or night to help assist in any capacity.


What is preneed insurance?

Preneed insurance is a policy that covers the prearranged costs of after life expenses, including funeral and cremation services.

What are the benefits of preneed insurance?

There are several benefits of preneed insurance.  The first and foremost  is to protect the deceased person’s family and financial assets by planning for the future.  Another benefit is that the monies that go into the insurance are an exempt asset, meaning there is no income tax on policy growth.  The amount of the insurance policy to cover final expenses is generally exempt from Medicaid eligibility .  Finally, once a person has established preneed insurance coverage, the policy is locked in at that price and will remain a fixed cost until the person passes.

Why is preneed insurance important?

Preneed insurance is important because it helps to give family peace of mind.  This type of insurance eliminates the stress, anxiety and fighting that can occur over discrepancies and costs, between family members, after a loved one has passed.

Interested in learning more about preneed insurance?

The devoted preneed team from Creech Funeral Home, led by Jason Creech, will be available to assist you at any point in your journey, whether it is to answer simple questions or discuss more of the in-depth financial components.  Every individual is unique and will be treated with the utmost value and respect.

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